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"Try Handmade is single-handedly responsible for making me poor. I don't blame the recession, I blame you Erika! (slinks off to sell children in order to support etsy addiction)" - Procrastamom.

"Lovely site" @gwenbell
"RT @gwenbell: Lovely site" @CraftyChica, Kathy Cano-Murillo

"Erika over at is doing some very important work. She is helping all of us push the handmade resurgence from a micro-trend to a macro social movement. We applaud her work and think her blog is just lovely." - Artfire.

TryHandmade is "designed in a way that's super friendly to browsing the handmade items and searching for what you're looking for." - ThreadBanger.

"I truly believe it is your life's goal to make me spend my childrens' college tuition on hand made goods." - MammaLoves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "When will my ad appear?"
    When you get the email that says your ad has been approved it is already appearing on the site. You will get another email when your ad has expired which will give you an opportunity to renew.
  • "Can I buy an ad which includes a blog post about my business? You know, a Sponsored Post, or a Featured Sponsor kind of thing?"
    Nope, because I think those kinds of posts are misleading and dishonest - and here's why.
  • "I have more questions."
    Contact me :)